Hooking up to TAAPI.IO is very simple (relatively). Essentially there are 3 methods how to acquire indicator data:

  • Direct: Get the indicator data directly in a GET request – Binance only
  • Client: Use our client to auto-fetch candle data and pass it on the API – 124 crypto exchanges
  • Manually: Post candles yourself to our API – ANY Asset, Crypto, Stocks, OTC, Etc…

TAAPI.IO is a service that is primarily intended for calculating Technical Analysis (TA), therefore at the fundamental level, the API needs candle data from some source in order to calculate that TA. Although acquiring candle data for TA calculation is essential, it isn’t our primary focus, however, we have taken a number of steps to make exactly this much easier.

Where ever the term ‘Indicator’ is used, please refer to the Indicators page