Rate limits

What are rate limits? Rate limits are the amount of calls you can make within a certain time span. Rate limits are specific to your plan:

  • Free: 1 call / minute
  • Basic: 1 call / second
  • Pro: 10 calls / second
  • Expert: 20 calls / second

Blocks & duration

TAAPI.IO’s rate limits are “elastic”, meaning that, it’s possible to exceed the limits to a certain extend. But if (when) you get blocked, the general rule is that you get a “fixed time” + “a variable time” based on the amount of exceeded calls, as block time.

The “fixed” block time periods are as follows:

  • Free: 10 minutes
  • Basic: 5 minutes
  • Pro: 3 minutes
  • Expert: 2 minutes

For instance. If you’re a free user, and you squeeze in 7 calls very fast, then you will be blocked:

blockTime = 10 minutes + 7 minutes = 17 minutes

The API will respond with a 429 status code, with the following response (as an example):

{ error: 
   { message: '429: You have exceeded your request limit (TAAPI.IO rate-limit)!',
     maxHitsAllowed: 1,
     maxHitsTimeframe: '1m',
     blockTime: '1020 seconds',
     reason: 'Rate limits exceeded!' } }

The higher the plan you are on, the lower the variable block time is.

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch!